Don't watch a ticker, set your triggers.

Don't spend your time watching a computer screen trying to keep up with trading activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. We let you define alert values for only the stocks you are interested in, and send you an email when those values are triggered during trading.

It's super easy. Get started now for free.

How it works.

The stocks you're interested in may or may not trade on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on a particular day, and even if they do, they may not trade at a price or at volumes which are meaningful to your current investment strategy.

Rather than having to be stuck watching a computer screen to see what's trading, or possibly missing an opportunity by waiting until the end of the trading day to check through the entire results, we let you configure up to 16 possible data triggers (eg price trades below) for each stock you're interested in, and send you an email alert when those triggers fire. And you can tweak your alert settings at any time. Get started now for free.